To stay fit and active we do exercises and join gyms but what we really should wear in gym? This is a question but if you want the answer then check this over here now. As a gym going person you should wear clothes that are comfortable and breathable. Men can wear almost anything like shorts or pants and a vest or a short-sleeved shirt but it is a problem for women. Most of the females can not wear shorts or sports bras because they feel shy and don’t want to draw negative attention to themselves by dressing provocatively. So as a woman you have different options that you’d like to try. If wondering about undergarments then choose sports bra because it is comfortable to wear and also comes in different materials so choose a light one so your body can breath and as an underwear choose boxer-style underwear and it also comes in different light breathable materials.

As a shirt you can wear simple gym t-shirt for women  if you are comfortable wearing a t shirt if not then simple wear a tank top or a sweatshirt or a simple long-sleeved shirt. Synthetic fabric provides a light and a more comfortable feel than cotton itself. 

Now as a pant you can simply wear yoga pants or sweatpants or even short if you are comfortable in them. For shoes you can wear any shoes you feel comfortable in but don’t go for open shoes because they will hurt you and it is not allowed by gyms as well. So wear covered shoes that are easy to wear and comfortable so you can do all the exercises easily.

Bring a water bottle with yourself so you can stay hydrated and this will help you a lot because you can’t drink from someone else’s bottle you can catch any disease easily. So make sure that you carry a water bottle with you. Last but not the least, bring yourself a towel so whenever you get sweaty you can easily clean your sweat even gyms give towels to their members and you can not share them as well because they can be a big source of diseases. After gym wash your towel carefully and then put it to dry off so that you can use it again later on.