What should you teach students in this era?  Do you want to know what they are? 

If yes, then read below! 

Speech: Your communicative skills tell the second person that what kind of a person you are. A person cannot talk or speak in the same everywhere. He or she should know that where to speak for all abs where to impress others with your mixed styles. The easiest way to teach them to talk is to let them say what they want to say. Talk to them about social issues once a week to make them to give their opinions. Similarly, teach them gardening, play with them to give them ground to talk and to express themselves. You can arrange some hangouts too to let them know that how they should converse at public places as well. Make your lectures discussion based to let them speak and give their opinions or share knowledge about the topic they know. It will help them to practice [ce their speaking skills and practice makes a man perfect.

Practical sciences: They should be taught that how they can apply sciences in real life. Teachers can make numerous objects and machines which they can use to do different things like for picking up wrappers and keeping files in order. Practical science will clear their concepts more than theoretical sciences. They should be taught about applications of every new technology to keep them aware about current updates. Teachers can make machines with them or they can give them projects too. 

Plantation: Greenery is important but day by it is being snatched by technology and machines. Therefore, there is now need to teach kids about greenery. They should be involved in plantation and gardening to increase gardening. Teachers can grow numerous vegetables and fruits with them to teach them basics and technicalities of gardening. They can tell them a lot about gardening in different countries like hydroponics in UAE or aeroponics Dubai and so on. Computer literacy: Computer literacy is very important nowadays because of increasing need of technology and gadgets. Teachers can teach them a lot about computer and digital literacy to save them from cyber crime and cyber bully. They should tell them that what kinds of words and posts they should upload on facebook and twitter to keep themselves save. They should tell them about dark web and how to keep themselves save from it. Besides this, they should tell them about digitization and importance of privacy.